Mission Debrief

Hallo there!

First off, many thanks for visiting this humble little blog. My name’s Fred, and I hope you enjoy your stay here at Operation Megaventures!

So, let’s look at some questions you probably have about the blog:

What IS Operation Megaventures?

Don’t ask me, I only work here…

Nahhhh only joking. Operation Megaventures is, essentially, my love letter to the wonderful comic book spin-offs of Gerry Anderson’s puppet shows. This blog is an ongoing, personal project whereby I’ll be providing fresh perspectives on many a classic TV21 strip. From Thunderbirds to Zero-X, Marina to Joe 90, we’ve got it all here!

What makes YOU so qualified to write about these comics then?

Errrr…. -fumbles thumbs in awkward silence as a suitable answer can’t be thought of-

Well, obviously I’m a massive fan of Gerry’s. His television specatcles lit up my childhood like a bonfire, and continues to do so! Job-wise, I freelance as a pop culture journalist. I love to write about films, TV shows, music, and of course comic books and graphic novels.

Hmmm, I’m still not quite convinced.

Well, I’m the senior editor for A Place To Hang Your Cape, a superhero/comic book blog. I also contribute to the graphic novel website Grovel and provide the “That Guy’s Got Gauls” column for Shelf Abuse, a column dedicated to the Asterix comics.

I’m also one of the Field Agents for ITV’s Thunderbirds Are Go reboot, but don’t tell anyone that, as it’s meant to be a secret.

Alright then, but why are you doing this anyway?

For a variety of reasons:

I love Gerry Anderson comics.

I love writing about comics.

Oh, that seems to be it.

How regularly do you update the blog?

In all honesty, I update it when I can. I know that’s not the greatest excuse, but balancing my day job and my freelance writing can take its toll. Additionally, this is very much a personal project, so I’ve no real schedule for when/what posts go up when.

Can I contribute to the blog?

Of course! This blog is primarily a one-man project but contributions are always welcome! Whether you want to ramble about a specific strip or have some artwork you’d love to show off, drop us a line at operationmegaventures@gmail.com and we’ll sort something out.

Alternatively, give us a like on our Facebook page here, or follow us on Twitter @operation_mega!


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